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Generell inspeksjon før levering

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1.Running test, check all the data in right way, each action command is correct.
2.Check machine’s appearance, welding procedure, paint quality etc. After rectify and reform, the inspection department is responsible for final product quality confirmation;


3.For the problems found by the general inspection before the products delivery out, in addition to the rectification, the quality assurance engineer and inspection department will be bear the responsibility.
4.The technical department prepares the delivery machine list one day in advance according to the delivery time.


5.The warehouse worker verifies the contents of the delivery list.
6.Production department is responsible of goods package and loading details.


7.After general inspection, the quality assurance engineer will sign and confirm all the required inspection items, and confirm the quality of the products, and then the technician will submit the shipping list to the technical leader for seal.