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Mop rod miller machine for making wood round stick

Mop rod miller machine for making wood round stick

​Rod miller machine is mainly used for making long bamboo and wood materials, round wooden strips into round bars and smooth square bars. The machine can be customized according to diameter of the wooden handle. The wood round stick making machine is widely used for processing industrial and agricultural milling shovel, hoe, daily mop and tools, and can also process wooden uneven bars, martial arts sticks, rolling sticks, pillars, balustrades, etc. wooden product. As well as the processing of cylindrical, ancient buildings, round beams for building, furniture decoration, and round wood decoration.

Locus Origin:
Notam nomen:EBEY
Model Number:CCIV genus
Certification:ISO BCE
Minimum Ordinis Quantity:
Price:USD 1500~2800/set
Packaging Details:Plastic wrap film for 60 type
Tempus adferendi:10 working days after receiving the payment in advance
Pensio conditio:30% TT depositum in antecessum 70% BY T/T ante sit amet.
Facultates copiam:M per mensis occidere

1.The processing range of round bars is from 1.5 to 6 in diameter, and different models can be customized.
2.The raw materials can be square or round, and other types of round bar machines can also be customized.
3.Two functions of automatic feeding and automatic feeding are adopted, which can be used to process and make wooden dipsticks, and also improve the processing speed.

Min.processing length60cm
Processing diameter20-60mm (One diameter need one mold)
celeritate pascentium1, 8m / min
intentione380v, 50hz, three-phase
ratio* * 1100 770 1200mm

Factory ?
Nos officinas sumus. Fiduciam habemus tam qualitate quam pretio. Gratam visitare officinam nostram

Western Union, T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), E-checking, Credit card , Cash, RMB(Chinese Yuan), Wechat, Alipay, MoneyGram, L/C etc.

Guarantee ISBN?
Our warranty is one year. Free spare parts within one year. Even you have problem of the machine after one year, we still can help you solve problems. So please feel free to contact us in any time if you need.

1 SET . Pro clientibus et negotiatoribus regularibus , plus mandatis , pretio potiori , Pretium negotiabile est .

Voltage sicut petitio tua possumus domicilii tui. Amo 110v/220V/380V/415V, Phase / Tribus phases.

The normal machines are already installed before Delivery. So after receiving the machine, you can contact the power supply directly and use it.
We may send you manual and operating video to teach you how to use it. For bigger machines, we will arrange our senior engineers to go to your country for installing the machines. They can give technical training to you.
In Viris tempore, in linea institutionis et institutionis in video vel voce faciemus.


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