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We help you solve all problems in your warehouse

Time : 2021-07-01 Hits : 155

Have you meet following trouble in your warehouse?


The cloth roll is left for too long, the whole roll is broken, and it cannot be first in first out
2. Because the handwritten cloth roll is too vague, the weight can not be seen clearly
3. Miscalculation, the weight is too small and the customer loses himself
4. The factory has not been accurately counted up to now, only approximate
5. The fabric rolls are not well woven, and the customer loses money, and they don’t know which factory did it
6. The salesman always cannot get fast and accurate data when taking orders
7. Shipment. Requisitions always take away the large rolls, leaving all the small rolls
8. The warehouse is always messy, close to the specifications and unclear

Now our company had researched and development new equipment special for warehouse management, which can solve you all above problems. After many years using and improving in our own sewing thread and pp woven bag workshops, we final confirm the following our own equipment in order to help you solve the warehouse trouble.




Our local factories ordered our equipments in their workshop, all people very happy the equipment can great improve their work efficiency.
Rated voltage:100V-240V
Temperature range :0℃-60℃
Rated frequency:50/60HZ
Rated power:200W
Weight :about 60KG


Put in storage bill details


Stick label on the fabric


Scan bar code when delivery

Can satisfy every department’s need


If use this storage management machine with our pp woven bag machines, it will save much more cost and also can solve your so many trouble things.

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